Wedding Photography- first hand advice from local photographer Lee from Life & Love Photography

Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography where to start? Are you looking for the perfect photographer to capture your special day? Here is some insight in to what to look for, the questions to ask and a little bit of a get to know you with local photography Lee from Life & Love Photography.

What is your photography style?
Clean, natural and full of Love!

Are there any crazy or extra beautiful photography trends for 2016?
Nothing too crazy but I’m loving the start of Proposal Photography! And the Father’s first look is becoming more popular too, which is a beautiful memory to look back on and gets me teary every time!

What are your favourite location spots in Noosa?
Noosa has so many beautiful locations but you really can’t go past the gorgeous world famous Beaches!

When do you recommend couples to pick their photographer? and are they any questions they should be asking to help narrow down their decision?
I recommend booking your Photographer as soon as you have chosen and booked your venue. Most popular photographers are often booked up to 18 months in advance! If you find the right fit for you, don’t hesitate in securing them to avoid possible disappointment.
There are lots of questions you can ask, I would recommend starting with how experienced they are, weddings don’t always go as planned and your photographer will sometimes need to be a lot more than just your photographer on the day. Also finding out up front how many images you get from the day is important and are they edited to reflect the work they see on the photographer’s website.

How soon do you get your photo’s after the wedding? And are they full resolution? I’ve heard horror stories of people waiting years and having to pay extra for the useable files.

What’s included if a couple books with Life & Love Photography?
All my packages come with a complimentary Engagement session, this is the perfect opportunity for couples that might feel awkward in front of the camera to see just how fun it is to have their photo’s taken, ensuring them that their wedding day will be worry free! I also include all images from the day, fully edited by me, supplied on a custom Life and Love Wooden USB.
I am also there every step of the way to help in any way I can! I do up timelines to make sure my couples have the perfect coverage, I recommend suppliers that I have worked with and trust and most importantly, I’m there for them on the day! Fixing hair, doing boutonniere’s (flowers) for the boys, helping with cufflinks, holding bouquets, you name it and I’ve more than likely done it!

What is your favourite part of a wedding?
That’s easy! The look on the Groom’s face when he first sees his Bride! I wish you could bottle the love in those eyes..

Any other photography tips or tricks for our brides to be?
Think about where you’re getting ready! I highly recommend booking somewhere that has lots of beautiful natural light and try and keep one room clean for your photo’s.
I usually recommend limiting the amount of people you have there to a minimum too so you have a peaceful morning without other people stressing you out unnecessarily.
Lighting is everything in photography so try and work with your photographer about ceremony timings etc so they can give you the best possible opportunity for your Bridal party photo’s.
Most importantly, enjoy the wedding planning and enjoy your special day! Everyone says it, it goes way too fast! Make sure you hire someone to take awesome photo’s for you to look back on and reminisce over, you won’t regret it! Promise!

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